Classroom Expectations

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Each  of  our  Physical Education Programs  in  our  district is a nationally recognized  program that meets or exceeds National and State guidelines. Each lesson plan is divided into four parts,  each of  which has a specific purpose that promotes principles of movement, and desirable social standards and values.

1. Introductory Activity  -  Two or  three minutes of warmup activities to warm large muscle groups and get the heart pumping. 

2. Fitness Development Activity  -  Five to eight minutes of demanding activities to develop an adequate level of physical fitness - fitness values are stressed.

3. Lesson Focus Activity  -  This is the core and focus of every lesson.   The major foal and purpose of the lesson is to improve and master basic movements such as eye-hand coordination,  Body management competency,  and basic and specialized skills. Thes skills are presented in a sequential order from easiest to hardest to always ensure a level of success for every child.   This period occupies 15 to 20 minutes in two to three week units.

4. Game Activity  -  This  occupies  five  to  seven  minutes  at  the  end  of  the  lesson.   The game time is designed to stimulate fun and enjoyment as the period winds down. 


Attendance  No student will be excused from PE without a written excuse from a parent, 
school nurse,  or doctor.

Proper Dress On  PE  days  wear  athletic  shoes  with  rubber  soles  to  prevent  slipping and 
sliding. Shoes  must  be  tied  or  secured.  Wear  clothes  that  will allow   free  movement.  
Pants / shorts  must  be  secured  above  the  hips  at  the  waist. Belts must be secured  in  the
loops and not hanging. Please practice safety!!! Uniform policy applied

Heat Considerations   Light  colored  clothes  -  thinner   breathable fabrics,   water   bottles (frozen),  baseball cap or visor.   Uniform policy applied

Class Rules

1  No fighting 

2. No bad language,  teasing, or  put-downs

3. Keep hands,  feet,  and objects to ones' self

4. Do not  misuse or disturb PE equipment


  1. Warning                                                                         
  2. In class suspension / timeout                                     
  3. Office detention,  call parents                                        
  4. Severe problems - immediate removal to office             
Positive Consequences For Good Participation And Effort

  1. Better Grades
  2. Increased Game Activities
  3. Certificates of Achievements and Reward
  4. Special Considerations for PE and School Events

Grading Scale

A   -  Exceeds / Excellent! (4)

B   -  Meets minimum requirememts (3)

C   -  Approaches / Average (2)

D   -  Falls far below (1)