Class Expectation

                            Mrs. Adame's Classroom Expectations

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1.  Look at and listen to the speaker.
2.  Be kind and respectful to everyone and everything.
3.  Keep your hands, feet, and objects to your self.
4.  Follow the teacher's directions the first time.
5.  Do your best.
6.  Raise your hand and wait to be called on.
7.  Use an inside voice.
8.  Use kind words. 
9.  Have fun.

I use a behavior chart for each week.  At the end of every day if the student has a good day he or she will get a star for that day.  If the student gets five stars for that week then they will earn a prize.  They will get to pick from the book of prizes that can include:  bring a hat for a day, take off your shoes for a day, or maybe get a no homework coupon for a day.  I also use a fill me up class jar where if everyone in the class does really well on something, gets a positive comment, or has great behavior for a day then they get an item put in the jar.  Once the jar is filled the class earns the prize they wanted.
However, if a student gets in trouble in the classroom or anywhere in the school by another teacher or administrator they will lose that star for the day.  If they do not get five stars for the week then they will not get to pick a prize.  For the fill me up jar, if the class is having a rough day, gets a in trouble by another teacher, or administrator, then what ever item goes in the jar can be taken out.

1st Infraction- Verbal Warning
2nd Infraction- Asked to sit at table spot, talk to teacher, and may self-check back in when ready (no longer than 2 minutes.)
3rd Infraction- Will be removed from seat to another table spot and needs to be invited back to the group. Missing 5 minutes  or more of recess time. 
4th Infraction- Sit in buddy classroom (no longer than 2 minutes.) Miss all of your recess time and a call home at the end of the day.
5th Infraction- Sent to the office, will miss both recess times, and will get a phone call home at earliest convenience.  

Some behaviors (fighting, etc.) require the student to skip their warning and go straight to the office and a phone call home.

Behavior Sheet
Every night, I send home a reading and behavior log to be reviewed and signed by the family! To determine how your child’s day went a smiley face is for a great day, a straight face is if there were warnings, and a sad face means that the student got into trouble and had to face consequences.  
Also, please have your child read for 20 minutes every night and document it on the behavior log.  If there isn't time for reading one night, no big deal! Leave it blank and fill it out the next day!

Students have the opportunity to earn other rewards for their good behavior. Some rewards include: jumping on the trampoline several times, a trip to the treasure box for a piece of candy, toy, or stickers, or a class cheer.