Class Expectations

Mr. Dalpra's Classroom Expectations:
Keep your body to yourself.
2. Follow directions the first time they are given.
3. Use an inside voice.
4. Use kind words.
5. Include all of our friends.
6. Raise your hand and wait to be called on.
7. Most important, Have FUN!

We use the online system called Classroom Dojo! This is a fun interactive way to hold the children accountable of the classroom expectations. The children work towards earning positive points by following the classroom expectations listed above. Once the children (and whole class) get to a certain amount of points, they earn a prize.

Along with the positive points, the children also have the opportunity to lose some points. If the children (or whole class) are not following the classroom expectations they lose some of their points. The great thing about the Dojo is that the kiddos can ALWAYS earn their points back!

1st Infraction- Verbal Warning
2nd Infraction- Asked to sit at table spot and may self-check back in when ready (no longer than 2 minutes.)
3rd Infraction- Asked to sit at table spot and needs to be invited back to the group. Missing 5 minutes of recess time. 
4th Infraction- Sit in buddy classroom (no longer than 2 minutes.) Miss all of your recess time and a call home at the end of the day.
5th Infraction- Sent to the office, will miss both recess times, and will get a phone call home at earliest convenience.

Some behaviors (fighting, etc.) require the student to skip their warning and go straight to the office and a phone call home.

Behavior Sheet
Every night, I send home a reading and behavior log to be reviewed and signed by the family! If there isn't time for reading one night, no big deal! Leave it blank and fill it out the next day!

Students have the opportunity to earn many rewards for their good behavior. Some rewards include: a trip to the treasure box for a piece of candy or toy and stickers.

If children get to 20 points on Classroom Dojo, they will get a whole class prize to share.