Classroom Expectations

Owl  Whooo Knows the Rules?
#1- Listen when your teacher is talking

#2- Be safe, be kind, and be honest

#3- Respect others, respect yourself, and respect our school

#4- Follow directions quickly

Super Star Board/Star Board/Sad Board

Students are recognized for outstanding work and for showing STAR (Safe, Thoughtful, Accountable, and Respectful) traits. This is recognized in my classroom by praise and adding your name to the Star Board, where the student writes their name and earns a brag tag!
Students who are misbehaving, being disruptive or disrespectful, or not following directions after redirection, will be asked to put their names on the Sad Board: 

Name on the Board= Loss of five minutes recess and a one on one conversation with the teacher.
Name on the Board with one check= Loss of ten minutes recess, a one on one conversation, and a phone call home/in person conversation
Name on the Board with two checks= Loss of all recess, a one on one conversation, and the student calls home.

If a behavior breaks a school rule, is disrespectful, or harms another, it could result in a referral. This would involve a trip to the office and a phone call home by an administrator. 

Brag Tags

This year, I have introduced Brag Tags to my good behavior plan. Brag tags are awarded to students for good behavior, following the rules, completing assignments above and beyond, for turning in all homework each month, and even for birthdays and celebrations! Each child receives a beaded chain with a welcome brag tag at the beginning of the school year. Each time they receive a new tag, they add it to their chain! It becomes quite a collection and helps the students learn responsibility in taking care of their brag tag and accountabillty in how they are earning brag tags throughout the year!

Our units for reading run on a teach 6 days and test on the 7th day schedule. Homework given on a Monday will be due the following Tuesday. Homework given on a Wednesday will be due the following Friday. Changes will be noted in their agendas. Student agendas must be signed each night. If homework is not completed and turned in three or more times, students will be asked to spend a Friday morning in my class before school as a detention. Homework club is offered daily in the situation that help is needed to solve a question or help with understanding.
*This is my homework policy. I use this policy because the homework sent home is to supplement what is taught in class and to help us work as a team in helping your student achieve success.