Class Schedule

Daily Schedule

8:00-8:15 Breakfast

8:15-8:30 Morning Work/Handwriting

8:30-9:30 Grammar & Writing

9:30-9:45 Break

9:45-11:30 Reading

11:35-12:20 Lunch/Recess

12:20-1:05 Specials

1:05-2:15 Math

2:15-2:45 Social Studies/Science

2:45-3:00 Agendas/Pack Up/Dismissal

*Parents must pick up students by 3:15!

*Thursday’s schedules consists of all subject areas in a reduced time frame. Thursday dismissal is at 1:15, students need to be picked up by 1:30!



Monday- Music

Tuesday- Technology

Wednesday- Art, Library @ 2:15

Thursday- Week A-Extended Specials- 9:35-10:40, Week B- No Extended Specials

Friday- PE




Homework Club

Homework club is provided by each grade level for their own grade level assigned homework. If the night before a student is struggling with their homework after attempting the work or there are problems you cannot help with, the student can go the assigned teacher for the day they need help. A student cannot come if they just did not do their homework the night before and teachers may also request a student attend homework club to receive extra help! Please ask if you have any questions!

Tuesday- Mrs. Montiel

Wednesday- Mrs. Reeser

Thursday- Mrs. Beck

Friday- Mrs. Hankins