For Parents: How to Help Your Students


The teacher, parent, and student relationship is very important to student success.  Below are some tips and resources that can help you help your student.

Reading Activities-
  • Make a "W" Chart- When you and your child read a book together, or while they read a book by themselves, make a "W" chart. Fill out the "who," "what," "when," "where," and "how" of the book as they are learned.
  • ​Pay attention to prefixes and suffixes-​ When you or your child use a word with a prefix or suffix, stop to talk about it. Break down the word and talk about what the prefix or suffix and the root word mean together. 
  • ​Make up you own version of a story-​ After your child reads a story, make up your own version changing details such as setting, time, or even the ending.
  • ​Play Time-​ Act out a favorite picture book or a chapter from a chapter book


  • Keep a Journal- Keep a family journal. Your child can write and illustrate the journal.
  • Research and Report- Pick a topic your child is passionate about and have them research and write about it.
  • Write What You Think- Ask your child to express their opinion about something through writing.
  • Read Other People’s Writing- Have your student start to read news meant for kids, like Scholastic News.

    Math Activities:

  • Shop and Count- When you are with your child at the store, have them help you figure out the math involved in paying.

  • Find and Build Shapes- When you see objects such as skyscrapers, picture frames, etc. ask your child to identify the different shapes they see in it.
  • Time It- Ask your child to time how long it takes them to do something.Record these times and figure out how much longer one time is than another or help your child break their own record.