Class Procedures

What to expect in our classroom:

In our classroom we promise to be respectful of one another. We raise our hands and listen when others are talking. Our classroom is a safe place where everyone is treated the same and we love and accept each other.

In our class, we follow the 3 Golden Rules.

~Be Safe
~Be Respectful
~Be Responsible

As a class, we create a poster in which the class explains what the 3 rules mean to us and what it should look like. We also sign our class rules as a promise that we will do our best to follow them every day.


Students will receive homework packets at the beginning of the week and will need to return it at the end of the week. Students will need to complete a few activities nightly and have their agendas signed by an adult to verify that the child has completed the work. If a student does not bring in their homework packet on Friday then they will miss their Fun Friday, and will work on the incomplete activities in class.

(Fun Friday- educational games that allow the students to work with one another typically in groups of 2-4 that covers material or lessons taught in class). 


Students follow our 3 warning procedure.
1st warning - students are given a verbal warning and is redirected to get back on task.
2nd warning - students have a student/teacher conversation about the behavior and is given a warning sign on their desk as a reminder to stop what they are doing and to make a better choice.

3rd warning - students are to go over to a buddy classroom to fill out a behavior reflection form. They include how they are feeling, rules they have broken, and a solution to fix the problem. They take this form home to have a parent sign and return to the teacher the next day. Behavior is also recorded on their blue cards and will meet with the principal in which parent contact is made.