Classroom Expectations

The mission of FTGA is to provide a supportive instructional program, based on Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards, that will enable all students to reach their highest level of academic success. Since we recognize that each child is an individual, differentiated instruction will be used to guide the students to this goal, in a safe, nurturing environment. To help accomplish this goal, the following expectations are part of the Fowler Third Grade Academy:

*All students are considered scholars and are expected to act wit grace and courtesy at all times.

*Parental support is an integral part of the program. Weekly communication is sent home on Mondays. Homework consists of finishing the tasks of Comprehension and Math SKills that are presented in the classroom daily. An important aspect of the weekly work is a daily reading time in which the parents/guardians read to the student and the students reads to the parents/guardians.

*Learning works best when the school and the home form a partnership. It is expected that all adults will work together to help each child reach his/her potential.

*The lines of communication should always be open. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Layden whenever a question may arise.

Aim for the Stars