Useful Websites!

Useful Sites

Some of these sites have been suggested for use by Mr. Brotherton, our computer expert, and are highly recommended.

  1. Glogster: A multimedia poster that houses sound, images, graphics, text and video
  2. Animoto: A flashy slideshow with music, transitions, and titles. In between Powerpoint and iMovie
  3. Wallwisher: Allows students and teachers to post stickies onto an online bulletin board
  4. Blabberize: Allows students/teachers to speak through a picture
  5. Wordle: A quick and easy way for students to represent words in a cloud-like manner
  6. Museum Box: This multimedia box is a lot like Glogster but allows for layering of information. You can add sounds, graphics/images, text and video to each side of the box.
  7. Voki: Customizable avatar that can be used to improve fluency or to disseminate information in a fun manner.
  8. Jeopardy Labs: Search for online jeopardy activities or create your own w/o using PowerPoint.
  9. BBC Bitesize: Offers online simulations and models with games and lessons in language arts, math and science


Just Plain Old Fun:

  • Primary Games: “Features learning games, action games, puzzles, card games, virtual worlds, coloring pages, and more!”
  • Funbrain: “Online educational games for kids of all ages.”
  • Fun School: “Offers free online educational elementary games for kids as well as printable activities, coloring and crafts.”

Reading Sites:

  • Dr Seuss offers awesome reading fun.
  • Sports Illustrated for Kids: For all of you sports junkies this is the website for you!
  • Starfall is a staple in any primary classroom.
  • PBS KIDS: “Play educational games, watch PBS KIDS shows and find activities like coloring and music.”
  • This is a wonderful site for teachers and parents. Find text, stories, and themes for any grade level. This is a new site that I use all of the time!



Birding Sites:

  • The Tres Rios Hayfield site is a 10 minute drive from any school in our district.
  • Maricopa Audubon is a great birding organization.
  • CAPLTR or Ecology Explorers is ASU's urban ecology outreach program.

STEM Sites:

  • NASA on the web
  • Discovery Kids: “Inspires kids to explore the awesome world around them and satisfy their curiosity with innovative games, activities, quizzes and articles.”
  • BBC Bitesize: Offers online simulations and models with games and lessons in language arts, math and science
  • National Library of Virtual Manipulatives offers math activities grouped by grade level and strand


Geography Sites:

  • Map practice for geography nuts!
  • A cool geography puzzle of the United States!
  • Google Earth: “Lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean.”


Math Sites by Mr. Trammell