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Fowler Elementary School District
No. 45
Growth Through Education


Food Service

The School Food Service program is an essential part of the

complete educational program.  Based on the belief that a well

nourished student is better prepared to receive the instruction

of the school day, the food and nutrition department plays a

necessary role in each school's educational team.


At the 7 cafeterias in the district, over 2000 breakfasts and

4100 lunches are served every day to both

students and staff.


Our goal is to help children develop healthy lifelong habits

necessary to promote health and learning.



 Nutritional Links


USDA Food & Nutrition

School Nutritional Association

National Dairy Council "Tools for Schools"

Arizona Department of Education

Food Pyramid

Dole Foods/5 A Day

Nutrition Explorations


Our Mission Statement

The goal of Southwest Foodservice Excellence LLC is to become the foodservice partner of choice by building personalized long-lasting relationships with school districts and communities. We will enhance your children's quality of life through fresh and wholesome food, a strong focus on nutrition, and unparalleled customer service.


Our Vision

Southwest Foodservice Excellence's vision for our partnership is to achieve the highest possible level of happiness and satisfaction with our students, parents, teachers, administrators, and foodservice employees. This includes the delivery of our goods and services in a way that is healthy and fun for our students, well-received by our parents, popular with our teachers, trusted by administrators, and sensitive to our employees.





Download School
Lunch Menus



Fowler E.S.

Sun Canyon E.S.

Santa Maria M.S.

Sunridge E.S.

Western Valley E.S.

Western Valley M.S.

Tuscano E.S.






 Nutritional Information

All Schools Breakfast Detail

All Schools Breakfast Summary

Elementary Lunch Detail

Elementary Lunch Summary

Middle Lunch Detail

Middle Lunch Summary


 Food Service Links 

Frequently Asked Questions

Southwest Foodservice Excellence, LLC





National School Lunch Program &
School Breakfast Program

The Fowler Elementary School District participates in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBB).  These programs allow us to offer qualifying students nutritious meals at minimal or no cost. Families may apply for the programs by submitting a Household Income Application which is provided by the school or available via the internet link below.



      Download Free/Reduced Lunch Application     


2008 - 2009 English Application


2008 - 2009 Spanish Application


For ALL questions concerning Free/Reduced applications, please call Janis Davis at 623-707-2059


     Meal Pricing     

There is absolutely NO charging of meals!




Western Valley



Breakfast:     Free

Lunch:     $1.25

Red. Lunch:    $ .40




Sun Canyon




Breakfast:    $.85

Red. Breakfast:    $ .30

Lunch:     $1.25

Red. Lunch:    $ .40



Santa Maria

Western Valley



Breakfast:    $1.00

Red. Breakfast:    $ .30

Lunch:    $1.25

Red. Lunch:    $ .40




Adult Pricing


Breakfast:    $1.25

Lunch:          $2.50




We are very excited to offer a service for online prepayments.  MyNutrikids.com provides parents the ability to deposit money into your child's account, view your child's account balance, and view and print your child's eating history report for the past 30 days.  Parents may also receive email alerts when your child's meal account has a low balance.  To create an account you will need your child's name, student ID number and the zip code of the school (85043 for ALL Fowler Schools).  If you have more than one child in the District you can handle all online prepayments from the same account.  Payments may be made through an existing PayPal account or with a major credit or debit card only.  The minimum prepayment amount is $10.00 per transaction (the $10.00 MAY be split between children).  A small convenience fee of $1.75 to cover the bank fees WILL be assessed.  Fowler School District will NOT profit from the use of this site.  The District Food Service Dept. will provide one BONUS meal for your child for every $25 you put on their account.  We feel that you will be pleased with the enhancements this new service provides.  If you have any further questions, please contact Janis Davis at 623-707-2059 or email to jdavis@fesd.org.


Click here to Log On to Online Lunch Payments:







Students that eat breakfast...

  • score better on tests.

  • are more likely to get enough iron.

  • are less likely to be overweight.

  • are more physically active.

  • do better in school.




District Food Service Staff

        Name                        Title                        Phone #     

  Gilbert Mendivil               Director               623-707-2024 

    Janis Davis                 Coordinator            623-707-2059 

  Erin Hamilton                  Buyer                  623-707-2060 

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